Creating this blog has definitely  been a learning experience. I’ve learned more about each bar on The Square while learning how to create a unique blog of my own. Being able to create a blog based on something I enjoy has been a fun way to share a part of me. This type of content creation wasn’t necessarily for me, but I did enjoy using social media. 

I found the most effective tools to creating this site would be the widgets. The tools I didn’t find effective were the appearance because it wasn’t user friendly. If i could change or add anything it would be to create a more user friendly area for editing the appearance.This experience can benefit me in the future by creating a blog or website page for future employers.

My most popular week on my WordPress blog was the week of November 18th when I got 18 visitors. My most popular post of the semester was my post on The Marc and I believe that was because I have a lot of friends that like to go to The Marc. With looking at the data I was actually surprised to see how many views I actually got.

Aqua Brew

Out of all of the bars on the Square, none compare to the crazy atmosphere of Aqua Brew. You’re probably used to hearing about Aqua Brew as a restaurant and brewery, but at night it becomes another bar on The Square. It is one of the most popular spots, and always where I like to end my night. Like Green Parrot, Aqua Brew will always be considered one of my favorite bars.  The thing that sets it apart from other bars is it’s uniqueness.

The atmosphere of this bar is always changing. Once I saw the rapper Sheck Wes perform at Aqua Brew downstairs while upstairs a male strip show was happening. Another time there was a business meeting that my friend Garth was hosting. And another event Aqua hosted was midget wrestling.

But I usually go to Aqua Brew to dance with the amazing DJ’s they have every night. My favorite DJ’s that perform at Aqua Brew are Boycott and PLNT ERTH. They’re not only my favorite because they rock at what they do, but they’re also my good friends. They’re definitely a reason to check out Aqua Brew.

The Marc

What’s special about The Marc is not only is it HUGE, it also has something for everyone. Most nights The Marc is the bar to go to if you’re in the mood to dance and let loose. Like any other bar located on The Square, The Marc plays rap and hip-hop most nights, but they’re the only bar that will twist it up. No matter what kind of music or dancing you want to do, The Marc has a night for you.

Every Wednesday’s The Marc has ‘Whiskey Wednesday’, which is their country western themed night. They play country music all night and you can two step around their dance floor. Another night The Marc has Hispanic music all night. And my favorite thing the marc has is EDM shows. Which you can look up and buy tickets to on their website.

When my friends and I go to the EDM shows we go all out. We dress up in rave attire and dress in colorful fun outfits. Our friend Garth always gets a section so we can have bottle service all night and enjoy the rave with our closest friends. Even though the day after our necks are sore friend head-banging, the Marc is still the place to go. 

Green Parrot

The next bar we’re going to talk about is quite possibly my favorite bar located on The Square, Green Parrot. Some say I’m biased because I’m friends with almost every bartender who works here, even the owner, but Green Parrot has an atmosphere unlike any other bar. As I mentioned in my Vodka Street post, Green Parrot is the other bar located on The Square that’s owned by White, the owner of Vodka Street.  I became friends with White and everyone else who works there by basically going to this bar enough that they finally recognized me.

What draws me into this bar isn’t just the friendly faces of the staff, but the fun energetic atmosphere. As soon as you walk in there’s rows and rows of booths to sit with all of your friends at. Personally me and my group of friends walk straight to the back bar and try to find an open booth so we can all sit together. While the music is blaring you can just sit and sing at the top of your lungs in a booth with your best friends. The energy and closeness to your friends makes Green Parrot our favorite stop along the night.

Another fun part about Green Parrot isn’t even the actual bar, it’s their Twitter account. Green Parrot’s Twitter is ran by the bartenders that work there. Through their twitter they post about drink specials and deals they’re having in a fun and silly way. They also call out underage kids or guys who fight in their bar to the other bars on the square, it’s actually hilarious. They’re funny twitter plus amazing staff and fun atmosphere make Green Parrot one of my favorite stops.

Janline’s world journey

Trying to find a blog primarily based on bars isn’t easy to come across. Though I couldn’t find a blog quite like mine, I was able to find a travel blog that does involve bars. “Janline’s world journey” is a blog based on this girl’s amazing traveling.

The post that struck my attention most on her blog was titled “The famous Temple bar district of Dublin”. This post is about the bar district she visited in Dublin, Ireland. This post caught my eye due to the interesting differences of these bars compared to the ones here in San Marcos.

Though her blog isn’t quite like mine, I found it interesting and intriguing. I like her use of images and tabs to create a unique blog of her own. Her blog is mostly directed around traveling pictures and makes you feel like you’re there with her.

The famous Temple bar district of Dublin


Mayloo’s is a bar on the Square that isn’t like any other. This bar is one of the most popular on the Square, and for good reason.  Mayloo’s has both an inside bar and an outdoor back patio with another bar to get drinks.

The back patio is my personal favorite part about this bar. Not only does this bar have a fun back patio with lights everywhere, but it also has two swings you can sit on while waiting for another drink. Another plus of having an outdoor patio is being able to get fresh air on those crazy busy nights.

Mayloo’s is also known for their drinks. My all time favorite drink at Mayloo’s is called a ‘Game Face’. A Game Face includes a shot inside a drink, with multiple types of liquor and red bull, that you chug all at once. You really do need to put on a game-face at this bar.

Vodka Street

The second bar that I frequent on the Square is Vodka Street Global Bistro and Bar. This bar is one of my favorite bars located on the square. Vodka Street has a fun and welcoming atmosphere with the most amazing and friendly staff.  

Vodka Street and another bar on the Square called ‘Green Parrot’ are both owned by one person, which means the staff works at both locations. Though owned by the same person, each bar is it’s own. Vodka Street has an open and inviting atmosphere, as you walk in you immediately get welcomed by everyone in the room. Walking into such an open space, it makes it easy to spot your friends or meet new people.

The staff at Vodka Street is always on their a-game. Whether it’s a ‘scary’ door-guy or a friendly bar tender, you will always get the best service. With a fun and loving staff, and drink specials every night, it’s easy to have a good time there.



The first bar I wanted to report on is Chimy’s Cerveceria. Chimy’s is where I always start my night, so it’s also where I wanted to start my blog. This bar has a fun and chill atmosphere, that anyone would enjoy. From watching your favorite game on one of their many flat screen TV’s, or getting a quick bite before going out. You have wide variety of fun options here.

Chimy’s is also a restaurant and serves amazing Mexican style food. But at 10pm is when Chimy’s actually officially just becomes a bar. The kitchen closes and bouncers start checking I.D.’s and kicking everyone out who is underage. My favorite things to get at this bar are one of their many flavors of margarita’s, a bucket of your favorite beer, or a DP shoot-out to share with your friends.

Chimy’s staff is also the friendliest people you will meet. With the bar girls also laughing and having a smile. The door guys greeting you as a friend. And the managers that will make you feel like you’re apart of their family. Chimy’s is a place on the square that everyone will have a good time.



As a student at Texas State there is no better place to let go and have fun like The Square.  I’m Robin Skistimas, and I decided to create my blog based off of my favorite activity, Squaring. Now you’re probably curious as to what “squaring” is, but it’s just going to the bars and clubs we have here at Texas State. San Marcos has amazing bars and night life and I wanted to share my favorite ones.

My hope with this blog is to create a fun way students can learn which bars fit them. Each bar on the Square has a different culture and surrounding. Hopefully by reading my blog, students can find a new place to go and have fun. The Square has a wide variety of types of bars that will fit any student. Whether the student is looking to go dancing, rave, have a chill drink, or just even socialize.

My posts will each be about a different bar on the square. I will share my favorite parts and reasons to go to these bars. The posts will also be connected to my Twitter so it can be seen on multiple social media platforms. I hope to inform and help students find a new place to have fun and meet new people. Hope to see y’all on the square!

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