As a student at Texas State there is no better place to let go and have fun like The Square.  I’m Robin Skistimas, and I decided to create my blog based off of my favorite activity, Squaring. Now you’re probably curious as to what “squaring” is, but it’s just going to the bars and clubs we have here at Texas State. San Marcos has amazing bars and night life and I wanted to share my favorite ones.

My hope with this blog is to create a fun way students can learn which bars fit them. Each bar on the Square has a different culture and surrounding. Hopefully by reading my blog, students can find a new place to go and have fun. The Square has a wide variety of types of bars that will fit any student. Whether the student is looking to go dancing, rave, have a chill drink, or just even socialize.

My posts will each be about a different bar on the square. I will share my favorite parts and reasons to go to these bars. The posts will also be connected to my Twitter so it can be seen on multiple social media platforms. I hope to inform and help students find a new place to have fun and meet new people. Hope to see y’all on the square!

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