The first bar I wanted to report on is Chimy’s Cerveceria. Chimy’s is where I always start my night, so it’s also where I wanted to start my blog. This bar has a fun and chill atmosphere, that anyone would enjoy. From watching your favorite game on one of their many flat screen TV’s, or getting a quick bite before going out. You have wide variety of fun options here.

Chimy’s is also a restaurant and serves amazing Mexican style food. But at 10pm is when Chimy’s actually officially just becomes a bar. The kitchen closes and bouncers start checking I.D.’s and kicking everyone out who is underage. My favorite things to get at this bar are one of their many flavors of margarita’s, a bucket of your favorite beer, or a DP shoot-out to share with your friends.

Chimy’s staff is also the friendliest people you will meet. With the bar girls also laughing and having a smile. The door guys greeting you as a friend. And the managers that will make you feel like you’re apart of their family. Chimy’s is a place on the square that everyone will have a good time.


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