The Marc

What’s special about The Marc is not only is it HUGE, it also has something for everyone. Most nights The Marc is the bar to go to if you’re in the mood to dance and let loose. Like any other bar located on The Square, The Marc plays rap and hip-hop most nights, but they’re the only bar that will twist it up. No matter what kind of music or dancing you want to do, The Marc has a night for you.

Every Wednesday’s The Marc has ‘Whiskey Wednesday’, which is their country western themed night. They play country music all night and you can two step around their dance floor. Another night The Marc has Hispanic music all night. And my favorite thing the marc has is EDM shows. Which you can look up and buy tickets to on their website.

When my friends and I go to the EDM shows we go all out. We dress up in rave attire and dress in colorful fun outfits. Our friend Garth always gets a section so we can have bottle service all night and enjoy the rave with our closest friends. Even though the day after our necks are sore friend head-banging, the Marc is still the place to go. 

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