Aqua Brew

Out of all of the bars on the Square, none compare to the crazy atmosphere of Aqua Brew. You’re probably used to hearing about Aqua Brew as a restaurant and brewery, but at night it becomes another bar on The Square. It is one of the most popular spots, and always where I like to end my night. Like Green Parrot, Aqua Brew will always be considered one of my favorite bars.  The thing that sets it apart from other bars is it’s uniqueness.

The atmosphere of this bar is always changing. Once I saw the rapper Sheck Wes perform at Aqua Brew downstairs while upstairs a male strip show was happening. Another time there was a business meeting that my friend Garth was hosting. And another event Aqua hosted was midget wrestling.

But I usually go to Aqua Brew to dance with the amazing DJ’s they have every night. My favorite DJ’s that perform at Aqua Brew are Boycott and PLNT ERTH. They’re not only my favorite because they rock at what they do, but they’re also my good friends. They’re definitely a reason to check out Aqua Brew.

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