Creating this blog has definitely  been a learning experience. I’ve learned more about each bar on The Square while learning how to create a unique blog of my own. Being able to create a blog based on something I enjoy has been a fun way to share a part of me. This type of content creation wasn’t necessarily for me, but I did enjoy using social media. 

I found the most effective tools to creating this site would be the widgets. The tools I didn’t find effective were the appearance because it wasn’t user friendly. If i could change or add anything it would be to create a more user friendly area for editing the appearance.This experience can benefit me in the future by creating a blog or website page for future employers.

My most popular week on my WordPress blog was the week of November 18th when I got 18 visitors. My most popular post of the semester was my post on The Marc and I believe that was because I have a lot of friends that like to go to The Marc. With looking at the data I was actually surprised to see how many views I actually got.

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