Green Parrot

The next bar we’re going to talk about is quite possibly my favorite bar located on The Square, Green Parrot. Some say I’m biased because I’m friends with almost every bartender who works here, even the owner, but Green Parrot has an atmosphere unlike any other bar. As I mentioned in my Vodka Street post, Green Parrot is the other bar located on The Square that’s owned by White, the owner of Vodka Street.  I became friends with White and everyone else who works there by basically going to this bar enough that they finally recognized me.

What draws me into this bar isn’t just the friendly faces of the staff, but the fun energetic atmosphere. As soon as you walk in there’s rows and rows of booths to sit with all of your friends at. Personally me and my group of friends walk straight to the back bar and try to find an open booth so we can all sit together. While the music is blaring you can just sit and sing at the top of your lungs in a booth with your best friends. The energy and closeness to your friends makes Green Parrot our favorite stop along the night.

Another fun part about Green Parrot isn’t even the actual bar, it’s their Twitter account. Green Parrot’s Twitter is ran by the bartenders that work there. Through their twitter they post about drink specials and deals they’re having in a fun and silly way. They also call out underage kids or guys who fight in their bar to the other bars on the square, it’s actually hilarious. They’re funny twitter plus amazing staff and fun atmosphere make Green Parrot one of my favorite stops.

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